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04-07-15, 16:11
Hello there,
I wonder if anyone has a subscription to this site & could be so kind as to look for the information on the following chap for me please?? I did the free search & his name is certainly there. (I am helping an elderly friend with this research hence my reluctance to buy a subscription).

CYRIL HYRAM TOWNSEND: RAF: Died 16/17 August 1944 on a bombing raid aged 20 years. Sgt: No 1623085.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Skylark.

Elaine ..Spain
04-07-15, 16:43
The basic information is the same as you would find on CWGC

There is a small bit of additional information on the record -
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve - 102 Squadron - Bomber Command
Mark: III
Code: DY-Y
Type: Halifax
Serial: NA504

Elaine ..Spain
04-07-15, 16:45
There is also a link to this page which I think you can view without a subscription ..

04-07-15, 18:03
Thank you Elaine,
I had tried to find out if there was any more in depth info on Cyril on the site, but I am asked to subscribe before the info is revealed.
Thank you again.

04-07-15, 20:34
See my thread "Very good RAF site". You might be lucky and find something more there.

Elaine ..Spain
04-07-15, 20:40
See my thread "Very good RAF site". You might be lucky and find something more there.

Link to the thread ..

04-07-15, 23:16
WOW! What a great RAF site...thank you Elaine & Galloway Lass for the link. I really appreciate your help.