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21-05-15, 13:33

I have a photo from a relative that says "Lily Deighton and Albert Parker married 1932" (photo attached). The marriage I have found is actually Lily Maloney and Albert Parker. I then I have another photo which shows Lily as a child with my great grandparents, plus great great grandparents. My great grandparents were married in 1924, so I think this photo is after that date. However I cant find a Lily Maloney born in York and I cant find a Maloney/Deighton marriage. What I can find is a Lily Linfoot born in 1912 to a Martha Deighton and John Linfoot, but unfortunately that Lily passes away a year later.

So any ideas on where to begin with Lily Maloney?

The sort of surnames I am looking for are Reed, Deighton, Dobson, Walters

http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp288/lensgirl_album/Family%20amp%20Cousin%20Lily.jpg (http://s420.photobucket.com/user/lensgirl_album/media/Family%20amp%20Cousin%20Lily.jpg.html)

http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp288/lensgirl_album/Lily%20and%20Albert.jpg (http://s420.photobucket.com/user/lensgirl_album/media/Lily%20and%20Albert.jpg.html)

21-05-15, 14:03
Found it. looked for Lil* Maloney and found Lilian Maloney born in 1910 whos mother was a Deighton! Must try harder next time!