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11-04-15, 21:30
This is a photo of one of my relatives, John G Kincaid pictured with George V in 1917. Problem is I don't know which one, nor if it is John G Kincaid senior or junior!

I am guessing that the man in uniform is George V, so one of the other two in front is probably him. The only information I have is that John senior would have been 77 and John junior 36.

Is anyone any good at guessing ages!

P.S I have linked to the photo on Flickr as I don't own it.


Anne in Carlisle
11-04-15, 21:39
Presume you are meaning the two men to the King's left? If they are the owners of the company then it could easily be the older furthest away from the King and the younger between them. Of course it may not be them at all but I think the ages could be in the right region.