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14-01-15, 00:33
Marriage of John Anderson born Ireland to Mary Blair July 1827 All Saints Church, Cockermouth, Cumberland.

I think this marriage is the people I am researching as it seems to fit with children's baptisms at the same church from 1828 onwards

Thanks, I will be out all day tomorrow until evening if anyone replies


14-01-15, 00:48
Can only see the index entry, Edna, just the date as extra - 08 Jul 1827 - no parents names given. I assume that's what you need.

The marriage is the 16th. The 8th will have been the Banns I should think

14-01-15, 09:38
It's also in familysearch.org. I suspect you can visit them in Chorley not too far from you and look at the record? Good luck.

Anne in Carlisle
14-01-15, 09:50
I am going to the archive in Carlisle in the next couple of days, depending on the weather. Will have a look for you.

Anne in Carlisle
14-01-15, 17:22
Here you go Edna

All Saints, Cockermouth

16 July 1827 (Banns called on 24th June, 1st and 8th July)
John Anderson, weaver, bachelor of this parish (signed)
Mary Blair, spinster, of this parish (made mark)
married by Edward Fawcett AM Minister
Witnesses: James Anderson and Jane Cape (both sign)

I also checked out the baptisms which show on FamilySearch in case you didn’t have the full details.
All have the same detail: Parents John and Mary Anderson, abode Cockermouth, occupation Weaver. All baptised by Edward Fawcett.
17 Feb 1828 William
10 Jan 1830 Sarah
16 Apr 1832 Ann
1 Jun 1834 Joseph
10 Apr 1836 Joseph
Checked until end of 1841 but no others.

14-01-15, 20:45
Thanks Ann I found all of that on Familysearch but had been hoping to find Where in Ireland they may have come from as none of the census say where they were from in Ireland some say Cockermouth so can't seem to move forward with it, I have sat on it for many years but have just unearthed it again from my notes.

It is difficult for me to get to Chorley I don't drive and it is not exactly on the bus route Alan

Thanks all


Anne in Carlisle
14-01-15, 22:04
Edna, I don't think any Cumberland records will say where they came from. They were 'of this parish' and so could have been there three weeks or 20 years. I do think the fact he was a weaver (think it says linen weaver in 1841?) could indicate he was from Ireland. Did it actually say that he was a weaver on Family Search, and who the witnesses were? There might be some mileage in following James Anderson who is most likely a relative?
Happy to have another look if you can think of anything else.

14-01-15, 22:54
They were in the workhouse at one stage with two grandchildren their Mother Isabella had just lost her husband Joseph Anderson Solicitors Clerk my Grandmother Mary was Josephs daughter, She was in Liverpool with Isabella but need to check my files again to refresh my memory on it all.