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Anne in Carlisle
27-11-14, 11:59
Does anyone have easy access to the Patrington parish records, either at the archives or on disc?

I am interested in the children of Richard Arran(d) who married Elizabeth Foorge at Ottringham in 1789. (got that record from FMP) They had their children in Patrington but I cannot find baptisms for what could be all of them. The surname Arran/Arrand/Arron is very uncommon and I'm hoping all the possible children are actually Richard's and Elizabeth's.

In particular I am looking for the baptism of Abraham Arran who was buried in 1808 (no age given but if he was an infant it would fit with the family sequence).

Also Thomas Arran/Arrand/Arron who is on the 1841, and 51 censuses, born in Patrington c1808. (perhaps he and Abraham were twins??)
Thomas married Rebecca Hopper in 1839, I think in Patrington, so the marriage record would give his father's name.

Please PM me if you might be able to do this. Thanks