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Charney Jo
20-11-14, 09:28
Hi all

I searched but couldn't find a topic on this so apologies if there already are!

I see that the IWM is has a site where you can upload stories and photos of people that died in WW1. (https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/)

I have received an email from them offering a subscription, initially £1 thereafter £6 per month, to their records. I have a current subscription to ancestry, does anyone know if this offers anything different / worthwhile? I have 2 soldier relations who died in WW1. Also, does anyone know how easy it is to 'opt-out' of renewal?

Thanks for any views :)

20-11-14, 10:39
I have a subscription to Lives of the First World War courtesy of the fact that I have a 12 month subscription to FindMyPast. The details for the two relatives I am looking at on this site are basically obtained from the Medial Index Card and the CWGC record and to be honest there is nothing that I did not already know. I have added in some details (complete with sources) to one of them, I think it is early days yet and whether or not this will take off is unknown. The uniqueness of the information will depend on people adding in their own records and having to pay a subscription to do this may make it less attractive.


20-11-14, 10:54
I've got a subscription as part of my findmypast subscription. The records you access are listed here: https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/a-z-of-record-sets and they are basically all the BMDS, census returns and military records from findmypast which cover WW1 (some are a little earlier and some a little later).

There is a pretty thorough Knowledge base, which I needed to refer to often when I first started work on my lot: http://support.livesofthefirstworldwar.org/knowledgebase as it takes a while to get the hang of it. :D

(Sapper Hugh Stuart White from the Life Stories examples is my third? cousin but has been "looked after" by a closer relation who I have never met but we once corresponded on Ancestry years ago.)

Charney Jo
20-11-14, 12:57
Thanks. As I don't have a FMP sub at the moment I thought I would take advantage of their £1 sub offer.

As you say, I didn't find anything new - except it had scans of the documents which states what was engraved on their headstones. Am off to look at that link Caroline...