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17-10-14, 13:17
Please does anyone know if when someone joined the Police Force at age 21 in 1911-12 in Lancashire. Would they have been required to produce their Birth Certificate for Proof of Age Thanks Pam

Olde Crone Holden
17-10-14, 18:45
It depends what the recruiting age was, sorry, I don't know.

However, even if proof of age were required, it might not have been by birth cert, it could have been a baptism certificate or even written proof by someone that the person was over 21.


17-10-14, 20:40
Found these in the newspapers:

This man from 1898 tendered a forged birth certificate while trying to join the Metropolitan Police.

In 1898 Cornwall Constabulary started asking for birth certificates as part of the recruitment process.

In 1908 a man was convicted of uttering a forged birth certificate during the recruitment process for The Lancashire Constabulary.

In 1929 Hull City Police required a birth certificate and testimonials and verified inquiries by the police in the area the applicant lived.

Olde Crone Holden
17-10-14, 21:00
That's interesting, thanks Phil. I do wonder if it was more to do with identification than actual proof of age, though.