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16-10-14, 09:02
In case you miss the posts about new content in the Reference Library in the Reference Library Comments (http://www.familytreeforum.com/forumdisplay.php/146-Reference-Library-Comments) board.

I have just added a new link to the Theatre-and-Entertainment (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/344-Theatre-and-Entertainment) page that you may find fun to look at;

Page renamed to Broadcasting, Theatre and Entertainment and new section added for Radio, TV and other broadcasting media.

BBC Genome Project: Radio Times 1923-2009 (http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/)

Not every page is digitalised yet but you can search by names - I had remembered that my grandfather, Frank/FJ Lewcock) had done some broadcasting for them in the 1920s and found his programmes listed - they don't sound very exciting!!

And "Hopolong Cassidy Returns" was on BBC TV on the day I was born, as well as a Dick Barton episode. :rotfl:

Olde Crone Holden
16-10-14, 09:35
Oooh, thanks Caroline, just found my grandfather. We knew he had broadcast a few times and I do have details of one of his broadcasts, but there are several more I didn't know about.


Elaine ..Spain
16-10-14, 13:00
An interesting link, Caroline. One that you think "I'll take a quick look" and then realise an hour later that you really should be doing something else! :rotfl:

16-10-14, 16:48
Trouble with going through all those issues is that it makes me feel so old. I can remember watching or listening to so many of them.

17-10-14, 10:37
The BBC has launched their Genome Project. They've scanned the back catalogue of the Radio Times and particularly the listings information between 1923 and 2009. A good source of information if your ancestor or living relation was involved as an actor, presenter, etc. Or just go down memory lane: what was I watching in 1967?

17-10-14, 10:48
Thank you Keldon, I have merged the two threads together. :)

17-10-14, 10:56
Sorry, I didn't spot the earlier one!:o

17-10-14, 11:10
Sorry, I didn't spot the earlier one!:o

No matter, thank you for posting it anyway - it brought it back the top of the page!!. :)