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21-09-14, 09:50
Information on Ketts Hill Bakery, 25 Ketts Hill, Norwich.
Have a number of ELWIN ancestors lived and worked there in the 1800's.- 1900's All I have managed to find is some directory entries. I can let you know details of what I know. Would like to find out if there are any photos or newspaper articles. Wrote to the Bakery once and enclosed an sae but had no reply. Wondered as its been a bakery for that long whether they had any memorabilia on the walls. If anyone was in the area and could visit,that would be most appreciated.

21-09-14, 10:44
Have you seen this photo of the Baker?

http://www.georgeplunkett.co.uk/Norwich/K/Kett%27s%20Hill%2025%20to%2029%20Kett%27s%20Castle %20PH%20%5B4365%5D%201955-08-20.jpg

21-09-14, 17:43
Thanks Wendy,I have this picture. But I believe it is still a Bakery, I would like to find out if they have any historic memorabilia, or if there is anything in local papers for those dates.