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Romany Rose
08-07-14, 18:22
Just wondering if anyone could possibly help ? my grandma Mary Hughes born 1886 died East Retford,Nottinghamshire. UK 1945 at 145 Queen St-widow of James Henry Walker
They married at St Annes, Poole Park, Islington 1908 both giving the address 1 Carville St, Islington.Their 1st child being born 1909 East Finchley.
several questions --sorry
1--I have her death cert that states birth year 1886 Dublin(however I have looked and paid a small fortune to hire a researcher in Dublin to look for the birth of Mary but to no avail-have covered the years 1876-1893.
2--Also cannot order birth cert has I have no idea of mothers maiden name.
3--On her marriage cert it says father Michael Hughes -labourer(it does not say deceased)-nor is there no occupation listed for Mary.It is also a puzzle has the present vicar overseeing the area of Islington has said that she would have given the same address has the family home of her spouse to enable them to marry in that parish.
4/--no info on father -I do not know if she had any siblings
I am in touch with her husbands family who have a very good family tree on the internet but they know no more than I do.
In 1917 Mary moved with her children to East Retford on her own to 145 Queen St(her husband was a serving srgt in the Essex Regiment in 1918 he retired and moved to E.Retford

Elizabeth Herts
08-07-14, 19:42
So this is the family in 1911:


Have you tried armed forces births? I have some born in Ireland when their fathers were serving in the Army. Just in case her father was previously in the army.

Elizabeth Herts
08-07-14, 19:46
No, I can't find anything appropriate so we can scrap that idea.

Romany Rose
09-07-14, 05:30
No, I can't fithing appropriate so we can scrap that idea.

Bless you Elizabeth for your suggestion-that was somewhere I had not thought to look:good:
and a big thank thank you for going that extra mile and looking at FMP for me:)

Where to look now?? she is proving to be a real puzzle,apparently when she arrived in East Retford,she had money because she bought 145 Queen St ,straight away ,and when her husband had come home they carried on living there up until their deaths James in 1941,Mary in 1945 as due to the he reason why I assume that she had money was that when she arrived in E, R- none of her children were of working age and that she never had a job.
Romany Rose