View Full Version : Princess Mary Gift Tin

Julie Blake
18-06-14, 14:08
I am so excited with my recent find I just wanted to tell somebody.We were watching an antiques program the other day and they had on it A Princess Mary Gift Tin given to members of the forces by Princess Mary at Christmas 1914 containing tobacco, cigarettes a pipe and a Christmas card plus a picture of Princess Mary,when my husband says I have got one of those in the shed.Well I found it thrown in a draw full of old screws and although it isn't worth much as the condition isn't good and the original contents are long gone
I am really please I have rescued it from it's fate in my shed.

Jill on the A272
18-06-14, 16:36
Glad to hear it has come in from the shed and that you will treasure it :)

Janet in Yorkshire
18-06-14, 17:36
Well done!


18-06-14, 18:05
Nice to be able to keep it. Wish I had something like that.

Julie Blake
18-06-14, 19:59
Thank you I am very pleased with my find :)

Val wish Id never started
19-06-14, 22:33
Men !:confused:thank goodness you have it now