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06-06-14, 09:52

On behalf of a family member I'm trying to trace his father who was an Australian killed in Asia in WWII. I believe I have his birth certificate however I'm having trouble interpreting what is handwritten on it and I was hoping that someone on these forums with more expertise in this particular field might be able to help me out.

I've attached a photo of a portion of the birth certificate which was issued in New South Wales, Australia.

The word in the top left corner that is written at an angle I'm not sure about, perhaps it says "correct". In any case I don't believe it is important. The rest of that column says "1904, 10th March, Broken Hill, New South Wales".

The second column, relating to the mother, is the part that I really need help with. I believe it says "Catherine (formerly) McCabe "xxxx" Tierney. 35 years. Kapunda, South Australia". I need to find out what the "xxxx" says, and then what it means. My best guess is "late", however I have absolutely no idea how to interpret this. How does "late" relate to any of the information surrounding it? It's a birth certificate so the mother is unlikely to be "late" (as in passed away) at the time of registration unless she died in child birth.

I have further evidence that the mother died more than 40 years after the birth of the child, and gave birth to more children, so I'm fairly certain that she didn't die at child birth.

I also have good evidence supporting the idea that the mother was Catherine Tierney, but I also have some evidence supporting the idea that the mother was Catherine McCabe.

Anyway, if anyone has any idea on how to interpret what is written in that second column your assistance would be truly appreciated!

Photo can be found here: https://thomsonc.opendrive.com/files?Ml81NTQ4NjA1NV9lRGs3Nw
Or here: http://od.lk/sgmr

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06-06-14, 10:06
I think it says "late" - probably means she was married twice. I'm not sure which way round the names are though. One would be her maiden name, the other her other married name.

I think formerly is her maiden name and late is her 1st married name.

10-06-14, 06:03
Hi Wendy,

Many thanks for your thoughts regarding the photo, much appreciated!

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