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26-05-14, 10:20
http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae287/hbradshaw1985/mysterylady.jpg (http://s980.photobucket.com/user/hbradshaw1985/media/mysterylady.jpg.html)

Good morning everyone,

This is one of the photographs that has been passed down to me - I have no idea who it is but would appreciate it if someone could suggest an age for the photograph and an approximate age for the lady - may help me to do some guess work!! Hope the picture uploads correctly (i'm new to this!)


Chrissie Smiff
26-05-14, 11:55
If you read this page Helen it would seem that the Gale Studios were around in London from possibly as early as 1910 up until about 1928/1930 when they became the Jerome studios -http://www.photomemorabilia.co.uk/Jerome_Studios.html
As for the dress and age, hopefully one of the experts will come along and give an opinion on that but we have got a costume gallery that may help with the dress - http://familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Family_Tree_Forum_Costume_Gallery

To my untrained eye the dress looks quite early for those dates and her age possibly late 20's early thirties?

26-05-14, 12:26
Thanks Chrissie,

I know what you mean, I'm no costume expert but the dress seems earlier to me. My family seem to be based in and around Manchester so although the studio is Gales - London and provinces - I wasn't sure if they had a studio more local to where I think they were based. Thanks for you comment :)

Chrissie Smiff
26-05-14, 13:57
My link to the web site doesn't appear to be working for some reason Helen - sorry. I have just been googling again though and the Gale studio seems to have started in Manchester and most of the images I have found are for the Manchester studio. I think maybe he started a bit earlier than we though as he is listed in 1911 as a photographer employing staff, according to that website. Also, another link gives the date as 1890 to 1931, which would sound to me more feasible for you photograph perhaps?

26-05-14, 18:05
I would say this is a very early photo from around 1860.

Chrissie Smiff
26-05-14, 18:44
I thought it looked it earlier than 1900 too JLB but the studio doesn't appear to have been opened then. Perhaps she had saved the dress for a reason - maybe her mothers or something?

Jill on the A272
26-05-14, 20:23
Like JLB I think the sitter in the photo dates from the 1860s from the pagoda sleeves, and would suggest that it is an early 20th century copy done by the Gales's Studios of a much earlier original.

Chrissie Smiff
27-05-14, 12:12
That sounds feasible Jill:)

23-09-14, 20:21
Yes I was going to say about the middle of the 19th century. Her hairdo is also quite early Victorian (knot at the back and front hanging off, not with small curls as later like Queen Mary and Alexandra).

Also because the lady is not looking into the camera. Looking over old photos, you see people start to get the hang of looking into the lens only when photography had been quite well established. Before that, they just looked at any old thing behind or around the camera and so they don't look at you when you look at the photograph. Somewhere around the 1870/80s, this changes somewhat (depending on the age of the subject, some older people still don't master it).

Olde Crone Holden
24-09-14, 10:00
I too think it is a copy of a very early photo - you can see where the original oval frame was.

I have a very similar photo which can be definitely dated to 1856 (to my astonishment!) and curiously, that too was taken in Manchester.