View Full Version : Old photo's - how to upload

25-05-14, 11:18
Hello all, I would like to post some old photo's for dating help but am unable to attach them - at the bottom of my screen it says ' you may not post attachments' - does anyone know how I can change this?


Elaine ..Spain
25-05-14, 12:01
Just checking for you!

25-05-14, 12:06
Thanks Elaine

Elaine ..Spain
25-05-14, 13:36
I had completely forgotten that we don't allow attachments in this section of the site!
If you read the "sticky" thread on this forum you will see why ..

We recommend you use an external site to host the images, such as Photobucket. There is a link to some instructions on the "Image information thread" - unfortunately Phobobucket keeps changing its format so the screenshots may be slightly different, but the process is essentially the same.

26-05-14, 10:26
Thanks Elaine, I've cracked it! No stopping me now!! :)