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15-05-14, 09:16
I have a number of letters written to a Miss Evelyn Chowins, dated approx 1960s I know that they are not very old but I cant throw them away without trying to pass them on. The Chowins family seem to have come from Crewkerne, Evelyn's father was Samuel Chowins and he was a teacher there. There is no Chowins on the FTF Gedcom.
Anyone !

16-05-14, 06:14
Births Jun 1893 (>99%)
Chowins Evelyn Bessie Greenwich 1d 1062

But not sure if any of these are her:
Deaths Sep 1892 (>99%)
Chowen Evelyn 0 Stoke D. 5b 198
Deaths Jun 1899 (>99%)
Chown Evelyn Mary 2 Daventry 3b 66
Deaths Jun 1903 (>99%)
Chown Evelyn Mary 30 Cuckfield 2b 96

Any other clues in the letters?

16-05-14, 17:51
She died in 1979 in Newton Abbot, Devon.
There is also a funeral notice for her brother-in-law Major Harry Mitchell who died in 1966.
There is a tree on ancestry but it seems an indirect link. I would love to send them to a direct family member.

23-05-14, 11:24
Just to update, I have found a family member via GR who is pleased that I can send her the letters. I am happy that I can send them on and not have the responsibility of knowing what to do with them.

Elaine ..Spain
23-05-14, 11:33
Well done Julie. :)