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23-04-14, 15:47
dose anyone ever go to Rotherham archives and local studies
at Clifton park
I have just rang them to see if they had the 1937 electoral rolls, and they said they had,
but they cant do a search for me as I don't have a name for the address I have.
the address is 8 deepdale road Rotherham , I am trying to find who lived there
but they said anyone can go and look at that address in the elecrtal rolls.which will give the
name of the person at that time,
I cant get there due to illness and just wonded if anyone was willing to look for me, just thought if anyone did go
hope I don't sound cheeky asking
thank you

Elaine ..Spain
23-04-14, 15:54
There is an offer in our "Research Offers" page in the reference library - you could send a PM to the person who has volunteered.

23-04-14, 16:40
thank you
I am struggling with all this I cant seem to get the hang of where I am surposed to put messages,
I am all over the place
I bet it is so easy when you know how.
thank you again for your help

Elaine ..Spain
23-04-14, 16:44
Patricia - click on the link I have given in post 2. That will take you to our Research Offers page.
Scroll down to Yorkshire and you will see one of our members has offered lookups at Rotherham Archives.
Click on the member's name and a box will appear in which you can send her a private message.

If you are stuck, let me know by sending a private message to me. Click on my name to the left of this post and you will see the "send message" option.