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Loopy Linda in La La Land
19-04-14, 09:29
On FMP didn't you used to be able to put in partners Christian name when searching marriages..can't seen to see how to do it now



19-04-14, 09:45
You can still do it - one way is from the Marriages and Divorces page which is on the drop down menu for All Collections:

http://search.findmypast.co.uk/search-united-kingdom-records-in-birth-marriage-death-and-parish-records/and_marriages-and-divorces - that will search all marriage records including parish ones.

You can put the name of the parish in the keyword box at the bottom if that's what you're looking for - and if the parish is available.

If you only want to go to parish records, you can go to All Records from the Search menu and type the county in to see what they have.

(I did edit this to simplify the explanation.)

Loopy Linda in La La Land
19-04-14, 09:56
Thank you Caroline