View Full Version : Need to find a death ref in 2002

02-04-14, 18:08
A friend has asked if I can help her get a death ref for David M Bosley died Aug 30th 2002 in Burnley age 41 she said she has been quoted £40 for a cert?? I said I would see if I can help as we know they are £9.25p
Does she need to know the ref number or can she order it just on name and date


Elaine ..Spain
02-04-14, 18:21
Is this the one ..

David Michael B Bosley
Date of birth: 24 Mar 1961
Date of death Registration: Sep 2002
Registration district - Burnley and Pendle

Register Number: B10D
District and Subdistrict: 5821B
Entry Number: 111

02-04-14, 18:32
Thanks Elaine I will send it to her and tell her how to order it from GRO yes that one is correct


03-04-14, 02:14
i'd be wondering where she was ordering from if she was told 40 pounds.

03-04-14, 22:23
No I just told her that they would be ordering it for £9.25 and making her wait a little longer to fill their pockets, she is not doing FH research just needed to find info on an old friend who she had just discovered had died.