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20-03-14, 14:18
I am looking on Ancestry for the death of Kiturah Cook March quarter 1864 Eastbourne. She comes up as *Rah Cook (Kiturah Cook)
when I go into the page I can't find her. Can anybody find her, I don't want to order a certificate until I've had a look at the details for myself. Have looked on Free bmd can't find her there

Val wish Id never started
20-03-14, 14:29
she is on FMP as Keturah Cook Mar quarter 1864 Eastbourne 2B 43

Janet in Yorkshire
20-03-14, 14:29
The image on FreeBMD is of handwritten entries - looks like Keturah to me.
What exactly is it that you're looking for? No age at death was given in the index at that time.


Val wish Id never started
20-03-14, 14:32
if you look on Ancestry it has been amended to Keturah by a Barry Gilbert

20-03-14, 14:37
Thank you both for looking for me.