View Full Version : hope this may be of use to someone thousands of records of children taken into care

06-03-14, 11:41

even if no relevence to your research these files make a very interesting read

06-03-14, 18:10
Thank you, probably a bit early for my ancestors in care, but will take a look nonetheless

susan h
06-03-14, 18:43
Of no use to my personal family tree research; but, a very useful social history site, so many sad cases.

Thank you for the link.

06-03-14, 21:52
no probs very interesting and sad storys.x

06-03-14, 22:35
I have been lost in there for hours and discovered a home here in Southport that had been in the next street to where I live now that I had not known about, I have been reading the children's magazines which are very interesting too.

Thank you for sharing


07-03-14, 09:21
im still in the middle of trawling though them all myself glad to have been of some help :-)