View Full Version : Any idea what this uniform could be please?

Ellen Proctor
02-03-14, 20:41

05-03-14, 07:54

not sure whether this has worked or not.. but here goes..

05-03-14, 08:00
this is probably a lot better, Ellen if this is your photo can you rescan it at a higher resolution please the image is very very grainy when I tried to zoom in. it does remind me though of a policeman/fireman type of uniform though.

http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p117/Darksecretz_2006/ELLENPROCTOR_zps385f7de4.jpg (http://s126.photobucket.com/user/Darksecretz_2006/media/ELLENPROCTOR_zps385f7de4.jpg.html)

Ellen Proctor
05-03-14, 13:15
Thank you for that. I have tried to get it a little clearer without success. You have confirmed my suspicion that it could be a postman though!

30-03-14, 23:44
I think it might be a military coat because of the lanyard on his right shoulder and the two ornaments on the collar it might be an Artillery uniform. Maybe? :-)

06-04-14, 11:39
I agree with Neil............Army....the stripe on lower left arm is, I think, a service stripe ie at least 3 years service and the collar badges look similar to Artillery.