View Full Version : Record Office: Ocklynge cemetry- eastbourn

23-02-14, 15:32
Hi, if anyone is ever going to the record office,or cemetry could I ask a huge favour and ask you to look up a burial for me.

my cousin Rachel Bratt, born 1868 died in Stoke-on-Trent on 22nd Nov 1953. The sentinal obitury stated that she would be buried in the next couple of weeks (so end Novc early Dec) in Ocklynge Cemetery. No idea of why she would be taken here or by whom, she dies a spinster. Any help would be greatfully recieved. Thanks.

Carol Bird
21-04-14, 13:27
If you look at Eastbourne's web page http://www.eastbourne.gov.uk/residents/cemeteries-and-crematorium/contact/
you could put through an enquiry to the Bereavement Services, where they hold all the records for Ocklynge Cemetery. They may be able to supply the info you need.

22-04-14, 08:16
Thanks, I'll try that.