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10-02-14, 17:50
Four old postcards found.
1. Photo of soldier, handwritten on the back - William David (could be Sonnie or Louisa in brackets) June 1916 killed in action Sept 15th 1916 age 21.
2. Photo of soldier ww1, handwritten on the back - personal message from Arthur, postmark Chatham, addressed to Miss A Whiting, Dollis Farm, Mill Hill, London NW
3. Photo of lady probably early 1900's, handwritten on the back - brief message from Harriet, postmark Herne Hill, addressed to Mrs Jones, 55 Calvry(?) Grove, Hornsey Rise, N (there is a Hornsey Rise in Hackney I think but handwriting squiggly so not totally sure!)
4. Photo of lady about the same era but no clues - handwritten on the back - To my dear boy from Mother 14:5:15

Have looked up names etc but cannot pin down anyone for definite, still looking. Happy to post on to anyone if they sound familiar.

22-03-14, 19:49
hi there what a great find. I read your message yesterday and have been hoping there may be a link on my tree as I have both WHITING and JONES on my tree.
also the same area as im researching but no luck with the first names provided :-(.. im going to keep looking and hoping I can find the link. x

23-03-14, 15:05
Would be happy for you to have them if you would like them? If after a time you can't find a link to your family, you could offer them on here again! At least they would be with someone who has a good chance they belong with? What do you think?

24-03-14, 06:43
that would be brilliant and very kind of you. also I am a member on lots of forums if it came to offer them back out.x

25-03-14, 11:59
If you want to private message me with where to send them we can go from there? :o

31-03-14, 18:20
Hi there :-) struggling to send u a reply to your pm maybe coz im on my phone. No worries about the postcard when ever you get chance is fine. You mentioned leeds i your pm are you researching there as i only live 30mins away :-). Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.x

01-04-14, 14:33
Photos sent this morning so you should get them in next day or two :-). Weekend was good ta, pottering in the garden, just what I like doing.

My research in Leeds is with a Robert Robson 1785-1836. I have a post on here "Robson of Leeds, Yorks" which I got a lot of help with but haven't been able to find out whether he originally came from Yorkshire or London as I have possibilities in both areas. I have done all the usual searches plus contacted the local libraries and local history groups and at the moment I'm trying to put together some of the Robson families in Leeds and Wakefield to try and find some clue. You are very kind to offer to help and if I get a clue which would need to be followed up by actually going to Leeds then I might take you up on it!

Thanks again and would be delighted to hear if you find that connection to the photos... Corinne

01-04-14, 20:28
thankyou I will await there arrival, and I am hoping I can get them to fit somewhere would be great :-).
how did you come across the photos? I think it is great when things like this are found.
you sound like you have done quite a lot od research but like I said anything I can do you know where I am.
kind regards claire