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My 5th great grandfather was William Hall. He was born in about 1737 and married an Elizabeth Gostling.

They had children Harriet Ann, John, William Henry, Catharine, Eliza Maria, Chambers, Thomas and Richard. I think they were born in that order as that is how they were listed in William's will.

I know William was born in 1777, Chambers in 1786, Thomas in 1789 and Richard in 1791 but I am unsure about the rest as I can't find birth records for any of them.

I am trying to find a marriage for William and Elizabeth probably between 1757 and 1774. I know they lived in London and Surrey. I also suspect they lived in Hampshire but I think this came later on. In some of the family's wills there is mention of a Mary Gostling and Dorothy Gostling both of Diss in Norfolk. I'm unsure how they're related to Elizabeth but it might suggest the family is from that area so the marriage could have taken place there.

I've been stuck on this for ages so any suggestions or help would be welcome.


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do you have details of the christenings for the kids you found? where did the will get settled?

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The only christening record I've seen is for Richard Hall. He was born on the 6th of May 1791 and christened on the 26th of June 1791 in St Nicholas, Shepperton. The will was written in Lower Halliford, Shepperton, Middlesex in 1791, amended in the same place in 1811 and proved in 1813.

I can't even find birth or christening records for the children whose birth date I have an idea of.

I know William was born around 1777 as I've seen a newspaper article on the 1st of March 1854 reporting his death aged 77.

Likewise with Chambers a newspaper article on the 1st of September 1855 reports his death aged 69. Also, I have a monumental inscription from Boldre Churchyard, Hampshire which says his birth date is the 1st of August 1786.

With Thomas I have his burial record. He was buried May 4th 1833 in Shepperton aged 44 which would mean he was born around 1789.

07-02-14, 21:00
Was Chambers a collector of antiquities and works of art?


in google books too

Lieutenant 1851 am guessing is him, not having any luck with baptisms or a marriage

07-02-14, 21:35
Because of dates, have you seen this Dorothy, not born in county c1761 ind. with the Barkham family, Thomas is a cabinet maker

1841 Census
DEPWADE, Norfolk
HO107 piece 758 folio 26 page 12

On IGI there are parish registers for the family including

Name: Cathrine Barkham
Birth Date: 21 Oct 1815
Father's Name: Thos. Barkham
Mother's Name: Mary Ann Gostling
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C07493-1
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 0596996 (RG4 642)

07-02-14, 21:40
Have a look here, they took over if you read all the entries Barkham and Gostling....Diss


Burial for Dorothy 6 Jun 1843


07-02-14, 22:16
Might be worth a look at this one for names, still can't make out a wife's name

England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858
Name: William Gostling
Probate Date: 20 Jul 1798
Residence: Dils, Norfolk, England

07-02-14, 22:42
From Chambers will, just trying to estimate a birth date for Eliza

England Marriages, 1538–1973
Name: John Blair Stirling
Spouse's Name: Eliza Hall
Event Date: 16 Aug 1803
Event Place: Saint Martin In The Fields,Westminster,London,England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00145-3
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 561159, 561160, 561161, 561162

07-02-14, 23:03
I think the smudge in the paper has him as 82 when he dies 1852 surname in paper Sterling

07-02-14, 23:33
Looking at the refs to John IGI, do you think this could be related

Ireland, Landed Estate Court Files, 1850-1885
Name: Eliza Sterling
Event Type: Probate
Event Date: 1864
Event Place: Dublin, Ireland
Document Number: 050
Volume Number: 074
Volume Date Range: Aug-Dec 1864
Electoral Division:
County: Dublin

07-02-14, 23:46
Found the marriage and is was by License, Eliza of Shepperton.
Wits William Hall Elizabeth Peck

08-02-14, 15:15
Hi Elaine

Thanks very much for all your replies and the work you've done. I'll try to answer everything you've mentioned.

Chambers was an art collector and he was the lieutenant on the 1851 Census.

I've seen the marriage for Eliza Hall to John Blair Stirling. I've also seen the blurry newspaper article on John Blair Stirling which looks like it says 82. There is another clearer announcement in the Belfast Newsletter which confirms this age. I hadn't seen the will record for Eliza so thanks for that. I think this is the right record as I have a newspaper article in September 1863 which announces Eliza's death.

I read the will of William Gostling of Diss. He mentions his wife Ann, children George, Francis, Mary, Thomas, George, Benjamin and John in the will as well as an Edmund Gardiner. There is a marriage between William Gossling and Ann Gardiner on 11/03/1774 in Stoke Ash, Suffolk which seems to make sense. In his son George's will a Dorothy Gostling is one of the witnesses to the will. His other son Francis marries a Sophia Taylor and I think this Francis and Sophia might be the ones mentioned on the baptisms register that you mentioned.

I had considered the Dorothy Gostling you have mentioned and thought she might be a good candidate, considering the dates, for Elizabeth's sister. She is referred to as Miss Dorothy Gostling in the wills of Thomas and Catharine so it would seem she was unmarried.

I never thought to look into the family that she was living with in 1841 so I was really surprised and happy to see the link between the Barkhams and the Gostlings that you've found. I'm definitely going to look into this more.

Thanks again for your help and sorry for the long reply.

08-02-14, 19:48
Hi LisaH
Was trying to find the parents and read other bits on the way hoping it might help somehow, was lucky I read the one baptism and quickly realised there were a load of Gostlings with familiar names, could be chance but hopefully another avenue to explore, good luck with it all