View Full Version : "debz' Where are you?

27-01-14, 06:36
Does any one know our member "debz" ? I am trying to contact this person by PM but get no reply. This is my last attempt which is a little sad, as they list both of my Grandparents and a number of Gt Grandparents on the GEDCOM list under "DYKES" and CARTWRIGHT"
Can anyone out there help???? Regards Lismore

27-01-14, 07:27
Debz hasn't visited the site for quite some time. If her email address in tour database is current, she will receive notifications that you have been sending her PMs, but otherwise she will not hear from you I am afraid.

UPDATE: IN case the address IS current, but your messages have gone into the Junk mail, I have sent an email directly on your behalf ... fingers crossed that she will reply!!

29-01-14, 05:08
Hi Caroline. Many thanks for your efforts and email sending, what a great idea. Still have my fingers crossed
Regards Lismore