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22-01-14, 17:28
I may have asked about this before and if so I am really sorry, my memory plays tricks on me.

Having a large unmanageable tree on Ancestry (okay only 600 odd people but lots of twiglets), I thought it would be better to do further research in smaller family groups, which has worked well ... BUT now I would like to merge a couple of trees that belong to me.

One relates to one mans descendants and the other his ancestors. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can do this in easy terminology. I find it so difficult to retain information and follow a long list of instructions as I just get confused and I dread losing all of the information.
If it is too complicated I may leave well alone. Has anyone any experience or idiot proof guides.

Many thanks.

Elaine ..Spain
22-01-14, 17:55
You cannot merge two trees together just using Ancestry.

Do you have any family tree software on your computer, e.g. Family Tree Maker, and if so which version as it makes a difference to how you can download the tree for merging.

22-01-14, 18:01
Thanks Elaine I have Legacy 7 and Family Tree legends. I have looked around Legacy as I downloaded both GEDCOMs onto it... but got word blindness and thought may be easier to just rewrite one onto the other but was hoping there may be an easier solution.

Elaine ..Spain
22-01-14, 18:07
When you export your tree from Ancestry for use in Legacy, it will export in what is known as GEDCOM format. This means that any photos or images you have attached to your tree in Ancestry will probably get lost in the export.

If this is not important to you, then you should be able to merge the two trees together using Legacy.

You may find some simple instructions on one of the links on our Legacy page - http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/760-Legacy

22-01-14, 18:26
Thank you Elaine, sadly looking at this, I think I have asked this question before as I recognise the page shown. Sadly I still cannot find how to merge individuals from 2 different trees, but I will persevere, and will let you know if I have an Eureka moment. Once again thanks.