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30-12-13, 15:30
Can anyone help me? I have used various editing suites with Windows Vista, now I have Windows 8.1 and none of these suites work. Can you suggest software that is compatible with Windows 8.1 also at 64k as opposed to my previous Vista at 32k.
Any help will be most welcomed.

alan 128
30-12-13, 20:04
Photoshop elements 12 download trial version and use for 30 days.then if you are happy with it,amazon have it for £44

31-12-13, 15:33
Thank you alan128 for that, I will certainly have a look at it but I am particularly looking for some thing on freeware as money is a little tight. Problem being most freeware progs are not compatable with windows 8.1
thank you once again. rivington.

alan 128
31-12-13, 15:46
Have a look at this http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/best-free-photo-editing-software/

16-01-14, 16:53
I have been looking at various Photo Edtiting software, I think Paint Net may suite my purpose but I have looked at numerous download sites who quote file size from 5mb to 20mb and some say it is compatible with Window 8.1 and others say compatible up to windows 7. Why all these variations, am now totally confused. Are these download sites safe? Can anyone help me and put my mind at rest. Thank you.

17-01-14, 12:20
When downloading software ALWAYS go through the main website for the program.

This is the download page on the official Paint.net website:-


However, there are some download links on that page that are actually adverts for other programs. This is how a lot of freeware is funded.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTON! That is for a file zip program.

Scroll down the page and look for the Download Now - dotPDN logo. The file size is 3.5Mb

This will open a new window; click on the 'Free Download Now: Paint.NET v3.5.11' on the right of the page.

15-06-14, 22:06
Fotor & Zoner are both good programmes 0n Win *