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26-10-13, 17:44

Can anyone help with this photograph? I found this photocopy along with a note

'Uncle Fritz Schonbeck'

'I think this picture must be treated with some scepticism, if it is to be that of our great grandad JFC Schonbeck. This photo is stamped Loescher & Petsch, Berlin 1890.
The family emigrated from Germany to London around 1878.
JFC Schonbeck was a military nursing orderly in the Franco - Prussian war from 1870-1871 but the dates dont tie up - and the uniform (Mit Kissenkreutz) looks a bit too grand for a medical orderly. A mystery!'

Can anyone help with his uniform??

Many Thanks

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Christine in Herts
26-10-13, 23:20
There are forums with very specific expertise on 14-18 war and the like. I don't know if any of that expertise extends to German uniforms. ... Or there may be someone here who knows.

Good luck. Sorry I can't help, myself.