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10-10-13, 16:43
If anyone is going to the Somerset Record Office, if possible could they look up and see if a Richard Hiles was baptised in Wrington around 1748. The name Hiles is prone to mistranscription, can be Hills, Iles, Hilles, Isles etc. Also the date is one on a lot of on-line trees, but is taken from the fact that when he married in 1773 he was a "bachelor from Wrington" and the assumption of being 25 at marriage was used.


Carol Bird
31-10-13, 15:21
Hi Linda,

I was at SoG yesterday. They have fiches for Wrington PRs, so I had a look for your Richard.

Some of the entries were rather indistinct but there weren't too many Richards (in fact a preponderance of daughters!). The only possible I could find within a couple of years of 1748 was:

Richard son of John & Ann Hill baptised on 11 October 1751.

Hope this may help.


01-11-13, 09:01
Thanks very much Carol, really appreciate that. Now to see if he fits in somewhere....