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20-08-13, 22:15
I was wondering if anyone could make the writing a bit clearer on bottom of burial plot. I'd still like the photo to show the age of the plot


I can't see what was written down the bottom (the verse probably)

21-08-13, 09:01
Hi Jood
Sorry I can't enhance the photo but I think this is the inscription at the bottom.
Fanny the beloved daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Burgess who died Dec? 29 1858 in the 15 (th) year of her age.

I think the bottom two lines also commemorate another family member.

I can pick out the word Buried (bottom line) & poss Charles at the beginning.


alan 128
21-08-13, 09:15
Is it possible to rescan only the photo and not include the scanner bed at 300dpi

21-08-13, 09:41
no was taken on a camera in 1999, we no longer have it - sorry.

Thanks for your help Mauderby :)