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06-08-13, 14:22
I have just found out that Ray Winston was brought up just across the road from my Gt Grandmother in Caister Park Road Plaistow.
I love the summer recess, as I get so much research done in my genealogy.

"The Winstone family, who were greengrocers, were living at 82 Caistor Park Road, Plaistow when Ray was born in Hackney Hospital on February 19th, 1957. Ray attended Portway School until he was 7 years old and then his family moved to Enfield. "
Source: http://newhamstory.com/taxonomy/term/1287

In the film SCUM, and the food riot scene, one of the tables is full of my school friends from the drama group.
And now he even lives just down the road from me in Roydon Essex.

It's a small world