View Full Version : Record Office: anyone in the Horley, surrey RH6 area to look up electoral rolls?

28-07-13, 09:44
Hi All

This might be a mammoth job as I do not know the area.

I have a living cousin in this area who I am trying to contact Re the family tree and have found them on 192 as living here in 2002 but because I do not have a subscription to 192.com it would cost quite a bit just to obtain the old address.

Is anyone living in this locality that could look up the address details for me so that I can write to them, hoping they are still there and have just removed their names from the public record.

Because they are living I am not allowed to list the names but they are a married couple from the lancashire area. The female is my cousin and she will be retiring this year.

Elaine ..Spain
28-07-13, 10:20
Might be worth looking on Findmypast - UK Electoral Registers 2002-2013 (http://www.findmypast.co.uk/search/directories/electoral-search)
If you don't subscribe to Findmypast, there is a recent thread with an offer of 50 free credits. Costs 10 credits to view each entry.


28-07-13, 11:52
thanks Elaine, I have just tried the TELEGRAPH code but FMP says it has expired

28-07-13, 12:05
silly me did not go through the correct link but have done it now and successfully found them, thank you again