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10-06-13, 15:04
Hi there Im just wondering if anyone is going to Birmingham Central Library. im looking for a birth in Bristol 2008/9 for name removed - possible living person, i do believe it was in April of those years, Ive been told that Birmingham is the place where the records could be. if anyone knows any different could you let me know please. Thanks for your help

Elaine ..Spain
11-06-13, 08:35
Katrix, I have edited your post. Being as it's a recent birth you are looking for I am presuming the person is still alive.

The latest BMD index is also available on microfiche at the following centres so if anyone is visiting any of these maybe they could offer to do a lookup for you.

Manchester City Library
Bridgend Reference and Information Library
City of Westminster Archives
Newcastle City Library
Plymouth Central Library
The British Library

If anyone can help perhaps they could contact Katrix to get the full details.

11-06-13, 18:40

I'll be in Plymouth next Monday so you you want to PM me with the details I'll have a look.


Durham Lady
13-06-13, 17:26
Birmingham Central Library is working at a reduced timetable


and the new Library doesn't open until September.