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09-06-13, 10:21

I've got quite a few FMP credits left that I acquired for free, but they expire on 24 June. Can't see that I'm likely to use them all before then, but am wondering whether, if I bought 60 more for £6.95, which are valid for 90 days, whether that would also extend the life of the current credits until the same date as the 60 new ones. Hope that makes sense.

I've only just started a tree for a friend-of-a-friend, which is why I'm unlikely to use my current ones in such a short timescale, but could easily need some when I get a bit further on with her tree.

Does anyone know, please?


Elaine ..Spain
09-06-13, 10:31
From the FMP website (FAQs)

Do I have to use all my credits in one go or can I use them over several visits?
You can use your credits over multiple visits, but they will expire either 90 or 365 days (depending on which payment you make) from the date you purchase them.
When you have unused credits that expire, if you buy more credits within 2 years, we will add your expired credits (up to a maximum of 280) onto the new credits that you buy so that you don’t lose them.

09-06-13, 10:36
> From the FMP website (FAQs)

Now why didn't I think to look there? [rhetorical question] Thanks Elaine.