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08-06-13, 02:08
Frederick William Dorn married Margaret Elizabeth Donaldson in New Zealand, 1908. Trying to work out if Frederick William also showing as William Frederick is related to George Woolford Dorn.

liz hutchison
08-06-13, 05:36
Where do you thin k the connetion is as a cousin or brother, I have found alot about F W Drn on Google but not sure he is yours, do yu have the parents, Lizzy

08-06-13, 07:08
Hi Lizzy, I think a cousin. There were two George Woolford Dorn's:
1st GWD senior, b 1848 UK, married Margaret Finn. He died Harden in 1882. GWD's parents were Thomas Dorn and Lucy Curline. They had 11 children.
2nd GWD, nephew of GWD senior, born 1880, married Anice Tempest. He died Dubbo in 1911. She married again in 1915. His parents were Anthony Dorn, one of the sons of GWD senior, and Jane Woods.
I don't know who the parents are for Frederick/William. He was born c.1884 and passed away in 1966, Terrace End Cemetery, NZ.

liz hutchison
08-06-13, 11:00
I have found a Frederick William Dorn born 1884 in Leichardt, NSW to August and Helena Dorn, Lizzy

08-06-13, 18:00
Not sure if you have seen these:

I presume this is the same GWD. Three references in 1873.

Reference to GWD? Assault on wife - confirmed in next entry
Re debts

09-06-13, 01:18
Thanks Lizzy and Keldon. If FW is the one in Leichardt which looks a good poss, don't think he's related. Appreciate your help.

liz hutchison
09-06-13, 04:47
Also he has a brother Heinrich Dorn born 1886 same place same parents,Lizzy

13-06-13, 07:59
Thanks Lizzy, I think they must be from a different family.