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04-06-13, 20:07
Apologies but I only seems to post for help and keep you informed about my medical problem at the moment, anyway was wondering if someone would kindly look up a relation of mine, a Cecil Morris who lived in Thrigby Road, Chessington, Surrey married a lady called Spratt possible Christine name Alice, as far as I know he lived in the same house for most of his life. Last time I saw him was when I left the Navy in 1988, lost touch since then, I would assume that he has since died so would like to get in touch with his family.

liz hutchison
05-06-13, 00:13
Hi Rob sorry to hear that you are unwell,my husband was in the Navy (Subs) I have looked very hard to find a marriage for this couple with no outcome do you know if they had children, but due to them still maybe being alive P.M. and I will have a look , lizzy

Mary from Italy
05-06-13, 12:48
Rob, I've sent you a PM.

05-06-13, 18:19
Thanks to the kind people who have tried to look this up for me Thank you Mary

That name does not ring any bells, the Spratt side of my family have always been a problem right back from my ggrandad, who is to be honest still causing me a problem. What might be causing a further problem is that thinking back something tells me that his wife was married before that would be why nothing comes up with he maiden name. I only know where she was born and who were father was.

Thank you again.