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04-06-13, 19:13
Sarah MARTIN was the daughter of John & Mary MARTIN, bapt. 25 Dec 1769 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green. She was my 4g-grandmother, and I would like to get further back along this line, but cannot think of how to make progress, as the surname occurs so frequently. Most of her husband's branch of the family were French Huguenot, and it is possible that her surname was French - but again, it occurs frequently in the French records, and I cannot see a way through.

On 1 June 1852 Sarah was accidentally run down by a horse-drawn cart close to her house in Green Street, BG, and she died on the way to hospital. Eye-witness evidence by her grandson, Richard, is to be found in the transcription of the trial of the carter (poor old boy - I feel rather sorry for him) in the Old Bailey online records, but it does not help me with Sarah's own antecedents. Her married name at that time was MILLO.

Can anybody please suggest how I might go about tracking this line further into the past? I have worldwide membership of Ancestry and I make extensive use of the Rœlly website of French Protestants in Picardy, which can be found at: http://www.roelly.org/~pro_picards/prop/index.html (I think everybody should know about this site, which is quite superb).

04-06-13, 19:32
Did Sarah's father belong to any guild so you could find his apprentice records?
Did she have any brothers for same reason?
failing that, any chance they may be on the london rolls of electors at that time but would need money to vote then?

liz hutchison
05-06-13, 00:50
SCrathing my head with this one had a look at her marriage to Danial Millo two places on the P/Rt says Marlin but where they had to sing their name there is crosses and who ever signed her name Martin both could not write. Bitty of a red herring but I can see from Google lots of people are looking for her, Lizzy

06-06-13, 08:13
Thank you both, Lizzy and Angelina, for these ideas, but I'm afraid that I have already tried these without success (thoough I may well have missed something). I think the real problem is (1) the widespread use of the given and sur-names, (2) the lack of maiden name for mother Mary, and (3) the lack of parentage information at the wedding, all combining to make the search as for the proverbial needle.

Maybe someone will some day turn up a bit of personal family information that will be of help.

liz hutchison
06-06-13, 10:49
Hi would this be Sarah's Mum and Dad
John Martin married Mary Turier 23rd June 1766
Bethnal Green , St. Matthews

07-06-13, 05:50
Thank you for this contribution, Lizzy. Certainly a possibility, especially as the surname looks French (although I cannot yet find Turier among the Protestants in northern France).

But what about Mary Young in 1765 at Christ Church, or Mary Baker in 1767 at St Andrew Undershaft, ... to name but two? It is the lack of just one detail that I would recognise as confirming evidence that worries me - I don't recognise any of the surnames of the witnesses.

I think I shall need to look for Sarah's likely siblings, and see if any of those turn up some crumb of comfort.

02-09-13, 09:32
I now have the HugSoc for the Registers of BMDs of French immigrants into Canterbury and London (thanks to a generous donor on my birthday!). The surname MARTIN occurs frequently, but I am gradually trawling through the records, hoping to find a link to "my" Sarah MARTIN (the subject of my original post on this thread).

I shall be happy to help others who have queries about French Huguenot immigrants to Britain from about the mid-1500s to the mid-1700s - I'm learning an awful lot from these magnificent registers. For example, a high proportion of the entries name the "supporters" - who often number at least half-a-dozen - of the couple being married, together with each supporter's relationship to to the couple. It's amazing!

While the Rœlly website (mentioned on my original post in this thread) concentrates mainly on the French Huguenots' origins in France and their development in both France and Britain, the HugSoc registers record events this side of the Channel, while still mentioning the places from which the people came. I think that both sources are needed to bridge that narrow strip of water.

I'll reply to any further suggestions on the MARTIN question and to requests for help.

02-09-13, 13:15

Pascal has offered to help with French Records here in this link, you could PM him if you need anything looking up.