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02-06-13, 23:51
This is a picture that I acquired but I have no relation to her. I wanted to post this to hopefully help someone else with their Family History work.

I couldn’t find much on her but I did find a website on the name of the place that was printed on the bottom. The picture was taken at a Shop called Gasberg Photography that was located on Historic 25th Street in Ogden UT in 1891.
This info was found at http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/image.aspx?f=1&guid=1fdb0856-45d4-4240-82a4-52647c24a0b8

I found another website that had other names and pictures of people that had their pictures taken at the Gasberg shop as well. This information was found at http://brentglad.com/static_pages/wwmlme.html

The PDF with the pictures in it is located on a google doc at this location https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_NjHo2XLrmFeEN6dDBIcUpPWDg/edit?usp=sharing

04-06-13, 19:08
Wow, you'd think she wouldn't be that hard to find. I'm not convinced about the second letter in the surname

I wonder about this marriage
Never mind - didn't look at the date!

Lucky family, if you connect with them!

I looked at the online UT death index, but didn't spot her.

I wonder if the surname is Feilor or Filor.