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01-06-13, 13:27
On the baptismal certificate it says " . . filia Thomae et Helenae Moran (olim Bent) . . . Matrina fuit Honoria Warren'.

My translation is " . . daughter of Thomas and Helen Moran (married surname Bent) . . . The godmother was Norah Warren".

I am not confident about my translation of 'olim' but happy with the rest.

Have I got it wrong?


01-06-13, 14:26

this says olim means once upon a time so i think you are right.

Matt Muir
01-06-13, 14:56
Google translate from Latin to English gives the following,

daughter of Thomas and Helen Moran (formerly Bent). . . Honoria Warren was godmother '


Janet in Yorkshire
01-06-13, 15:56
I think olim means formerly, so I would have said maiden name Bent. (dau of Mr Thomas & Mrs Helen Moran)

Barbara Dodds
01-06-13, 18:30
Many years ago I acquired a Latin translation of Peter Rabbit. The very first word of the translation was "olim".

The English version starts "Once upon a time"

I would think from that that "olim"should mean "once"

01-06-13, 20:53
Looks as though I got it reasonably right. Thanks. Hugo