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31-05-13, 21:23
Randolph T H Rust 1854 St George Hanover Square was a big cheese in the Trinidad and Tobago oil industry.... who knew?

I no longer have worldwide Ancestry, so I am hoping someone would kindly help me with a couple of records they have.

I expect him to be back and forth between UK and T&T, from newspaper reports I have found. But could someone help me with a marriage for him in Canada and a Canadian passenger list.

Many thanks

31-05-13, 21:27
Will have a look.

31-05-13, 21:29
Thank you herky

Elaine ..Spain
31-05-13, 21:30
There is a marriage on FamilySearch

31-05-13, 21:32
Thank you Elaine, would you believe I did check familysearch and got a no record response.

I must have mispelt the name or something

31-05-13, 21:34
Randolph T H Rust
Born- England
Age - 38
Father - Thomas Parker Rust
Mother - Mary Muir Randolph Rust
Spouse - Catharine Rose Macdonald
Age - 30, born Ontario
Father Name - John Duff Macdonald MD Sarah Ann Malloch Macdonald Mother Name: Macdonald
Marriage Date - 15 Mar 1893
Marriage County or District: - Wentworth

31-05-13, 21:34
Thank you too Herky

31-05-13, 21:36
Passenger list
Randolph Rust
Age 72 Birth abt 1855
Birth England
Date of Arrival 22 May 1927
Vessel Carmania

Port of Arrival New York, New York
Port of Departure Southampton, England

31-05-13, 21:39
Thank you again.