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30-05-13, 13:20
Looking to find Alice Chadwick b 1846 Newton Heath,Lancashire parents William/Selina
I have her with parents 1851/61 and with her first hubby(MY LINE)Thomas RATHBONE in 1871 with my great gran Sarah Elizabeth name spelt RATCLIFFE
1881 Alice was widower with children and HUGH MCcoll
Marriage: 11 Aug 1884 St Bartholomew, Salford, Lancashire, England
Hugh McColl - 32, Dyer, Bachelor, 12 West Union Street
Alice Rathborne - (X), 38, Hawker, Widow, 12 West Union Street
Groom's Father: Hugh McColl, (deceased), Sailor
Bride's Father: William Chadwick, Carter
Witness: Abraham Billingham; Mary Elizabeth Smirk, (X)
Married by Banns by: R.A. Wood Curate
Register: Marriages 1882 - 1885, Page 185, Entry 369
Source: LDS Film 1786464
HUGH died 1886 Salford

Marriage: 20 Sep 1886 St Bartholomew, Salford, Lancashire, England
William Whitehouse - (X), 48, Hawker, Widower, 12 West Union St.
Alice McCaul - (X), 39, Hawker, Widow, 12 West Union St.
Groom's Father: Thomas Whitehouse, (deceased), Screw & Bolt Maker
Bride's Father: William Chadwick, Carter
Witness: John Rock; Jane Wilson, (X)
Married by Banns by: G. W. Petherick
Register: Marriages 1885 - 1888, Page 88, Entry 176
Source: LDS Film 1786464
they did have a son
Baptism: 28 Dec 1887 St Bartholomew, Salford, Lancashire, England
William Arthur Whitehouse - [Child] of William Whitehouse, (deceased) & Alice
Born: 19 Dec 1887
Abode: 18 West Union St.
Occupation: Labourer
Baptised by: G.F. Holme
Register: Baptisms 1886 - 1889, Page 124, Entry 1356
Source: LDS Film 1786461
william snr recorded death jun 1887 Salford
William jnr died 1888 Salford
so trying to find Alice surname?????
this is a head ache one LOL

30-05-13, 13:48
All Alices I can find in the 1901 born in Newton Heath,Lancashire 1845-1847 3 living in North Manchester , 1 in South Manchester

Alice Shackleton, Alice Taylor, Alice Clarke, Alice Worsley
https://familysearch.org/search/record/results#count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3AAlice%20%2Bbirth_place%3A%22N ewton%20Heath%2CLancashire%22%20%2Bbirth_year%3A18 45-1847~&collection_id=1888129

30-05-13, 13:51
wonder if she married a 4 time LOL
if any find more please let me know its doing my head in this one

30-05-13, 14:02
would some one do a address look up in 1891/1901

30-05-13, 15:53
1891 Census resident at 12 West Union St the Oates family:
OATES, Arthur Head 28 b1863 Bolton Lancs (Coal Carter)
OATES, Elizabeth M Wife 27 b1864 Manchester, Lancs
OATES, Matthew 2 b1889 Manchester
OATES, Julia Ann 4 b1887 Manchester
OATES, Mary Single 20 b1871 Manchester
POWER, James Visitor Married 26 b1865 East Indies (Coal Carter)
POWER, Jane Ann Visitor Married 23 b1868 Salford

Hope this helps!

30-05-13, 16:02
No Alices at number 12 in 1901 either
JONES, Alfred Head 56 b1845 Salford (Occ -Wood Carver)
JONES, Elizabeth Ann Wife age 40 b1861 Salford
JONES, Alfred Son Single age 24 b1877 Salford No Occupation
JONES, Elizabeth Ann Daughter age 12 b1889 Salford
HAGERTY, Samuel Boarder Widower age60 b1841 Ireland (Pot Hawker)

30-05-13, 16:48
Thanks for this so she is defo not at 12 west union st 1891/1901 she married twice from this address but after her third marriage she cant be found even a death record for her
Could she be THE BLACK WIDOW from Salford LOL

31-05-13, 06:22
she did go through husbands quickly didn't she!

there is a marriage in leigh in 1888, alice whitehouse to edwin highway i think. there is a james brimelow b.1868 leigh living in salford with wife mary j. (mary jane holding) b.1869 leyland with a one year child. you can discount alice whitehouse and edwin highway, she is living in staffs, b.1870 wednesbury staffs.

the 1893 chorlton marriage of alice whitehouse is to frederick kenworthy, she is b.1868 ripon, yorks.

31-05-13, 06:39
to quick for my liking LOL glad I was not one
also lived 12 west Union st for both marriages but 18 West union st when son born and when he was baptized Hubby number three deceased
plot thickens and then she just fall of the face of the earth ???

31-05-13, 06:52
did she emmigrate? have you traced all her kids and siblings looking for any alice's at all that stayed overnight? i think she remarried, or possibly died, in this case she is mistranscribed i feel, or she isn't where you expect, ie a different county.

31-05-13, 07:16
only two of her children to first marriage survived Sarah Elizabeth Rathburn(MY LINE)b 1870 and she married Samuel Albert Wilson(d 1907) 1898 in St Stephens SALFORD but could not find both in 1901 or her in 1911 but they had my granddad Thomas Wilson 1902 found him in friends house.
Sarah had a son John Rathbone b 1890 Salford can not find him in 1891/1901/11 married Annir Gerrard 1911 Salford
Frances Alice Rathburn(Rathbone) b 1872 At the Census of 1881, she was living in Salford with her parents and siblings. At the Census of 1891, she was recorded as RATHBURN, a domestic servant in

the household of John ROBERTS (45)- cotton waste merchant and his family at 18 Eastnor Street, Stretford (parish of St Gabriel).
I believe she married Thomas OAKES in 1919 in the Chorlton area as France A RATHBURN when she would have been about 48. The marriage took place
either at Chorlton on Medlock register office, or at a non-conformist church.
Her death was registered as Frances A. OAKES in Manchester in 1948 (Oct-Dec qtr) aged 73.
I have searched high and low for Alice can not seem to find any thing .