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29-05-13, 21:25

Could you help shed some light as to why one family would use two surnames? I have such a family, some of the children are registered and baptized under one name and some of the children are registered and baptized under another. This also happens in the census'. At the moment I can't find out the reason why this would happen. Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance of a reply

Gwyn in Kent
29-05-13, 21:43
Are the parents married to each other and are they both the parents of each child?

If you could please give names and locations in a particular census it may be possible to see another solution.

Val wish Id never started
29-05-13, 21:49
sounds like maybe some of the children have a different Father to the others

Olde Crone Holden
29-05-13, 22:51
Second marriage for both, two families amalgamating?


liz hutchison
30-05-13, 01:43
Do you want to post their name and I will have a look for you or you can PM if you dont want to post Lizzy

30-05-13, 08:07
This happened to my g grandmother and g grandfather here in Garston ...Matthew Roberts married Martha Adams and had 5 children - Matthew moved in OVER THE ROAD with another woman - Martha changed the surname of her kids to ANSON - why Anson ,I have never found out - all I could get from my aunties was that their Nan wanted nothing to do with the Roberts surname - Matthew went to jail for Bigamy ....he married the woman from over the road although he was still married - AND the grandaughter of Matthews OTHER daughter actually contacted me - and we keep in touch .....a possible answer for you ??

30-05-13, 08:16
this is the story .....very strange - but true - as I remember most of them - Roberts / Anson ...as I say - strange situation

30-05-13, 11:46
Or they wanted the children to have both names as the Mother's family was dying out.

30-05-13, 12:14
One of my lot was born illegitimate so mother's surname appears on birth and baptism registrations. Later his mother married and he was sometimes shown on census by his mother's surname, sometimes by his step father's. This continued into adulthood when he married under step father's surname and registered some children under this surname, but some of his children, and some census entries revert to his mother's surname. At a guess he was known in the village by stepfather's name but retained the idea (or perhaps some local officials believed) that he ought to use his "official" surname.

Anne in Carlisle
30-05-13, 12:38
I have at least two families with name changes for which I can find no reason.
One changed permanently from McQUORNE to MELLOR.
The other started off as ARRAND, changed to GIBSON for about 20 years, then some of them changed back to ARRAND and some used both names at random!
They took some finding, I can tell you! I'm pretty sure the changes are nothing to do with illegitimacy or different fathers. In the first case I suspect they found it difficult having an Irish sounding name (they kept McQUORNE as a middle name for all the children!)
In the second case the father had committed suicide and the family moved to another town. A fresh start I guess?


30-05-13, 12:56
Trouble with the law? Or hate the name? I used to despise being a Lennon (Still do) so maybe they changed to that, I have a Cousin on Mum's side who changed from his biological name to (Blank) Phillips, it's only when I compiled a list of current family members that I realized he was using his name after all, so he's just like me in a way.