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Val wish Id never started
29-05-13, 14:12
what exactly do these show that the census records dont ? is it worth paying to view them ? thanks

Matt Muir
29-05-13, 20:55
Have just recieved this message from Scotlands People regarding the valuation rolls.
I use SP all the time but have never tried the rolls.
Use the link to see the message.


Elaine ..Spain
29-05-13, 21:13
Link doesn't work Matt. Takes me to my own gmail account!

Elaine ..Spain
29-05-13, 21:14
Some info on this link ..

Matt Muir
29-05-13, 21:19
Had to amend the link as it was taking me directly into my Email account, leaving everything open to everyone to view all my mail....
Below is a copy?paste of the message.

Dear ScotlandsPeople Customer,
The 1895 Valuation Rolls are now live on the ScotlandsPeople website!
We're delighted to announce that the Valuation Rolls (VRs) in Scotland for 1895 have just been added to the ScotlandsPeople website.

The new records, comprising 2,095,707 indexed names and 75,565 digital images, cover every kind of building, structure or dwelling that was assessed in 1895 as having a rateable value, and provide a fascinating picture of Scottish society during the late Victorian era.

What do the 1895 Valuation Rolls contain?
The Rolls contain the names of owners, tenants and occupiers of each property - and in many cases, occupations are also included. The head of the household is usually the named person, although sometimes a husband and wife might both be listed - interestingly, wives are often the named tenant in rented property.

As the Rolls contain individuals from right across the social spectrum - from dwellers in Scotland's tenements to famous property and land owners - they reveal some very interesting features of social history in Scotland during the late Victorian era. To highlight some of the interesting social history captured in the Rolls, we've included some examples below.

If you have any questions about Valuation Rolls, visit the dedicated FAQs page that we've created to help explain what the VRs are all about.

Val wish Id never started
29-05-13, 21:39
thanks for that , so they wont show anything I dont already have in the 1901 and 1911 census then ?

Matt Muir
29-05-13, 21:57
As a matter of interest I have just viewed the VRs for 2 of my relatives. Apart from the amount of rent they were paying per year (( £10 for house & stable,the other was £20 for a small biscuit factory) there was no extra information that I did not already know from census or BMD records.
However the cost is low, one credit to view the search details & two credits to view the page concerned. I should add that besides
your own person of interest it does show about 20 neighbours.

Rgds Matt

Val wish Id never started
29-05-13, 22:02
thanks Matt I think they owned the House so it might show that ?

30-05-13, 07:00
they do show who owned the property and who was leasing it. i want them to do ones from the early 19th century. they would be more fascinating, as around 1900 i only descendants of aunts and uncles in scotland, all the direct rellies are dead or emmigrated.

30-05-13, 07:14
The Valuations main value to me is if a family moved between the censuses, you can tell whether they were still at a specific address in 1895 (or 1915) and so narrow the timing of their move.