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29-05-13, 12:24
Is it possible for a family to change the name of their child between census'? I have been chatting to an elderly lady who refers to her father as Edwin (Jenks) born in Shropshire in 1900. She also knew his parents names were John E (Edwin) and Annie Jenks. I have found this family on the 1901 Census with 'Edward' who was 1 at the time. On the following census 1911 Edwin appears, aged 11. Do you think they maybe hadn't a name for him at the time of the census as he was born in March though I cannot find a date as to when the census was taken. Stella x

29-05-13, 13:03
My Great Grandfather was christened Edwin, but called Edward on his marriage certificate - Edwin can be a short form of Edward, so is probably the same person.

Olde Crone Holden
29-05-13, 13:03
My father was called Edward but his parents always referred to him as Edwin, except when they referred to him as Ted or Teddy, lol. Later in life, my father dropped the name Edward and became Graham!

I would be 99% certain your Edward and Edwin are one and the same person.


29-05-13, 13:06
Have you checked the birth records to see if there were two entries or just the one.

29-05-13, 13:27
As the 1901 census we see is the enumerators book copied up from the household sheets whilst the 1911 is the actual sheet filled in by the householder it is quite likely that the family always called him Edwin but in copying from perhaps hard to read handwriting the enumerator mistakenly recorded him as Edward in 1901. Have you found him on the GRO birth index under either name?

29-05-13, 18:44
Thanks loads... I am believing it is the same person..... X x hugs x Stella x