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29-05-13, 09:32
I have an old torn raged picture cut out from a newspaper of my mother and two brothers collecting tar blocks which were used for road surfaces.

The picture has the title "Were Coal is Scarce" my mother was born in 1914 as she looks between 5 and 8 years old. The family lived in Islington, London.

I have tried searching the papers on line but I cannot get the hang of it. I do not think that it was in a local paper because of the title.

I would love to get a copy of the original article, so help needed please.



29-05-13, 13:48
Hi Peter
Is there any writing on the back of the newspaper photo?

Val wish Id never started
29-05-13, 14:03
names of people in the photo ?

29-05-13, 16:13
Moggie and Val

Sorry the picture was stuck on cardboard. The family name is Mackness, my mothers name was Doris. Not certain of the brothers name, they probably Edward, Robert or Albert.

I contacted a newspaper some 50 years ago as I thought then that there was part of the papers name, but my mum was up to her old tricks of trimming and removing some people from photographs etc.


30-05-13, 13:10

if you have a scanner, and can scan the clipping at a resolution between 300-600 dpi, then post in http://www.familytreeforum.com/forumdisplay.php/53-Family-Tree-Photos and using photobucket [or similar external picture hosting site] to get the picture onsite, then I am sure that we can have a look at repairing the picture.

If you know the area in which the paper/picture came from then it is possible that either the library/archives local to the place will have copies of the paper.

31-05-13, 20:55
I don't know if this is relevant but I have just done a search on The Times and an article came up titled WHY COAL IS SCARCE - dated 04 November 1919 - it is reporting that the secretary of Monmouthshire and South Wales coal association is blaming transport problems - lack of wagons/ congestion on the railway system for not being able to distribute coal to household consumers in London and other districts - September was also mentioned so it seems to have been going on since at least then.

This may not be the only year it happened but I thought if you were going to search through papers at a library 1919 may be a good year to look at - it would also fit with the age you think your mother looks on the photo and also November with how they are dressed in the photo - coats/hats.

01-06-13, 08:20
The picture was scanned at 600 dpi on my sisters scanner, she is away at the moment. I will put a repair request on the photo forum to see what they can do.


Thanks for The Times article, did you see the actual article or was it a transcript. I will have to go to our local library to search. The date does match Mums age.

They would be collecting these logs for all winter to keep the family warm.
There were 8 children together with their parents living in 2 rooms, they talk about overcrowding these days.