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Val wish Id never started
24-05-13, 21:07
Walter Whitwell JONES born 3 Aug 1867 Brixton ,Birth registered in Lambeth

Parents William JONES born abt 1831 and Rebecca E JONES born abt 1847 both born in Lancashire Liverpool

Here in 1891
http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1891&h=13224305&ti=5538&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t6737403_p6991269764_kpidz0q3d6991269764z0 q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid


Janet in Yorkshire
24-05-13, 21:25
Not having much luck :(

Chrissie Smiff
24-05-13, 21:31
It looks as though have given him an alternative name of Walter W Davidson for some reason Val. I can't see who though! Must be the new viewer that doesn't show it?

Janet in Yorkshire
24-05-13, 21:39
The ages are all to pot, as is everything else, but what about this family? http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/7572/LNDRG11_632_635-0515/20877152?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.u k%2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3findiv%3d1%26db%3duki1881%252c%26ra nk%3d1%26gsfn%3d%26gsln%3d%26gsco%3d%26s0RealGL%3d 1881uki%26f1%3d%26f2%3d%26f5%3d%26f18%3d%26rg_8100 4011__date%3d%26rs_81004011__date%3d0%26f14%3d%26f 15%3d%26_8000C002%3d%26_80008002%3d%26_80018002%3d %26f7%3d633%26f8%3d118%26f9%3d20%26gskw%3d%26prox% 3d1%26ti%3d5538%26ti.si%3d0%26gss%3dangs-d%26pcat%3d1881UKI%26fh%3d13%26h%3d20877152%26reco ff%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnRecord ETA 1881 Clapham

24-05-13, 21:40
Hi Val
Well in the 1881 we have William Jones and Rebecca Emily Jones living at 10 Albion Road, Clapham Surrey, but born in Liverpool/Lancashire - meanwhile there is a William W Jones, the right age, living at 52 Luther St, Everton, but it says step son, living with Nichol family (could be a mistake!)
Good luck,

Elaine ..Spain
24-05-13, 21:41
Val, do you know the significance of the suggested name of Davidson?

24-05-13, 21:45
Hi Val,

1871 Census RG1 10 Piece 3812 Folio 83 Page 86

Walter Whitewell age 3 , b London
with parents William and Rebecca E. Jones
Everton, Lancs

Also shown Jessie Jones age 1, and William C Jones age 13.

Look as as if he was Rebecca's son before her marriage to William.


Elaine ..Spain
24-05-13, 21:45
Possible 1871

RG10; Piece: 3812; Folio: 83; Page: 46;

Val wish Id never started
24-05-13, 21:55
oh you are a brilliant lot thanks very much I did wonder about William being Rebeccas first Husband ? but hadn't got that far , not sure what the Davidson link is yet ?

Chrissie Smiff
24-05-13, 21:57
The marriage looks possibly like Rebecca Emily Balding though in March 1867 Lambeth 1d 333.

Chrissie Smiff
24-05-13, 21:57
I think you can ignore the Davidson. I think they have made a mistake as the woman living in the house below is Davidson.

Janet in Yorkshire
24-05-13, 22:02
Well Rebecca Balding fits with brother in law George Balding living with them in 1881

Chrissie Smiff
24-05-13, 22:10
There is definitely something odd about this one though. There is a birth that fits of Walter Whitwell Jones? In 1871 there is a feint letter or something after Whitwell, I wonder if it's supposed to be a ditto? Why do we think she was married before? Though I can't find a birth for her under Balding.

Val wish Id never started
24-05-13, 22:18
I am going through them now Chrissie so dont worry if I dont sort it I shall ask again thanks everyone

24-05-13, 22:23
The reason why I looked under Whitwell and variations was because I wondered if he was born illigitimately to Rebecca and she had put his fathers name down.

I have a relly who was was born as say Mary Smith Jones, but was living with her mother Jane Smith in one census as Mary Smith, and in the next census as Mary Jones. Her mother Jane had married Mary's father in between censuses. After that she was Mary Jones until she married.


Chrissie Smiff
24-05-13, 22:31
I found a Rebecca Balding born 1847 Liverpool in 1861, living as niece but still can't find a birth, or her in 1851.

Val wish Id never started
24-05-13, 23:18
thanks again, dont know where you found her in 1861 ?? I cant on FMP, I'm off to look on Ancestry .

liz hutchison
24-05-13, 23:59
Wondering if the Rebecca I have found immagrated to canada 1912 and died in 1913 Owlseye, alberta, Canada, Lizzy

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 08:51
I was thinking about this one as a possibility Val? -

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 09:55
Have we got the marriage cert for the Rebecca Emily Balding to William Jones (Widower)? As this is it -

Also, I am just parking this here before I lose it because I have to log off in a few minutes. Just in case it has any significance but please ignore it. Because I couldn't find a birth for Rebecca Balding I looked for a Rebecca E Anything birth 1846 to 1848 in Lancaster. This is where, in 1881, both she (now Jones and George Balding (brother in law) say they were born. I found a birth for a Rebecca Ellen Hayton in June 1846 in Lancaster ref 21 599. I then found her marriage in Lancaster in Dec 1881 with a possible spouse as Thomas Whiteside. I had previously found a census for Whiteside when I was looking for Whitwell but have lost it now. So am wondering if we could be mixing two families?
Probably not - as I said PLEASE IGNORE this waffle as I'm rushing.

Tilly Mint
25-05-13, 10:58
I can't see the links to ancestry because i'm not a member.....so, i'm sorry if i'm repeating what they include....

I found this tree with Rebecca Emily Balding in....


Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 12:44
This is Walter Whitwell Jones baptism -

I have just found 4 trees on Ancestry that have Rebecca Emily Balding listed, all have her dying 14th March 1913 at Owleseye Lake, Alberta Canada. This is one of them - http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/18228980/person/628793400?ssrc=

They have her in 1911 as a widow living with her sister Sarah Jane Balding - http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=2352&iid=rg14_06369_0145_03&fn=Rebecca+E&ln=Jones&st=r&ssrc=pt_t18228980_p628793400_kpidz0q3d628793400z0q 26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&pid=44377810

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 12:47
This is the probate they have in 1897 with the probate to Rebecca Emily Jones (Widow) -
http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1904&iid=31874_222588-00338&fn=William&ln=Jones&st=r&ssrc=pt_t18228980_p628790353_kpidz0q3d628790353z0q 26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&pid=974049

Janet in Yorkshire
25-05-13, 14:06
The 1911 census return with her sister Sarah fits nicely with the 1861, when they were both at a school run by their aunt - another Sarah Balding. http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/8767/BRKRG9_722_725-0541/8182774?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk %2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3frank%3d1%26gsfn%3dsarah%26gsln%3db alding%26gsco%3d%26s0RealGL%3d1861uki%26f1%3d%26f2 %3d%26f5%3d%26f18%3d%26rg_81004011__date%3d%26rs_8 1004011__date%3d0%26f14%3d%26f15%3dliverpool%26_80 00C002%3d%26_80008002%3d%26_80018002%3d%26f7%3d%26 f8%3d%26f9%3d%26gskw%3d%26prox%3d1%26ti%3d5538%26t i.si%3d0%26gss%3dangs-c%26pcat%3d1861UKI%26h%3d8182774%26db%3duki1861%26 indiv%3d1&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnRecord

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 15:15
Yes Janet, I noticed that:)

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 15:58
According to the Ancestry tree, this is the probate of Emma Jones (the widow of Walter Whitwell Jones) in 1942 on the Isle of Wight -


Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 16:04
Here they are Walter W Jones and Emma in 1901, notice that Rebecca E Jones is only two houses away -

http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=7814&iid=MDXRG13_1259_1261-0323&fn=Walter+W&ln=Jones&st=r&ssrc=pt_t18228980_p943567673_kpidz0q3d943567673z0q 26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&pid=7392504

Chrissie Smiff
25-05-13, 16:16
Sorry Val, I got carried away :o I'll leave you to it now:)

Val wish Id never started
25-05-13, 21:16
thanks people for all your help been checking the info and adding it to my tree gradually , and Chrissie are you having a long lie down after all that;)

Chrissie Smiff
26-05-13, 10:32
I needed one Val but I was off to a play and a party :rotfl:

Val wish Id never started
26-05-13, 20:23
found William Jones 1st marriage to a Matilda Bagnall , so finally have all the bits in place, so thanks again everybody