View Full Version : Does anyone have any FMP credits?

22-05-13, 22:27
Hi everyone, I've just found a Charles Frederick Peacock on the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Medal Roll 1914-20 and I wished to see if it's my Great Granddad or not, he's the only person on the list using the name Charles Peacock, mine was in the Navy (Nanna has a pic in Uniform) so I know he was definitely in the Navy as some point.

Cheers guys.

22-05-13, 23:27
The image doesn't give much info-

Chas F Peacock, Able seaman, Service number L (London) Z/6767
Medals awarded Victory and British, issued to self.

22-05-13, 23:46
If this is him you can download his service record from the National Archives for GBP3.36


23-05-13, 12:31
Thanks for the replies guys, does anyone know if it's possibly a boy, between the ages of 8 - 13 or was that not legal?

I must have been wrong.

Elaine ..Spain
23-05-13, 12:38
The record has the date of birth for Charles Frederick Peacock - 14 May 1898.

23-05-13, 12:40
Ahh well, thanks anyway, it was worth a short.