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Val wish Id never started
21-05-13, 21:15
Lloyd George Simpson born 1849 Stepney and Charlotte Matilda Pugh born 1851 Stepney
Both single in 1871 and married by 1881 living in Bethnal Green (George) is a Cab Driver he seems to call himself George mostly.

in 1911 says married 42 years

Their first child was born in 1881 in Stepney


Elaine ..Spain
21-05-13, 21:58
Not having much luck with this one Val. :(

Val wish Id never started
21-05-13, 22:07
thanks for trying Elaine ,I have tried everything am wondering if they ever married ? I have seen a few people on Ancestry have them in their tree but no marriage either they also all have her name as Charlotte Maria ? but no surname ?

21-05-13, 23:48

The children - Alice, Charles, Florence, Frederick, James and Lloyd - were all baptised on 27th Jan 1892. Parents are down as Lloyd George and Charlotte Maria Simpsom. He was a carman. The baptisms took place at St John, Bethnal Green. The sponsors were Mary Louisa Collett, and Mary Elizabeth ?owman. I think it is Bowman.

I know this doesn't get you forward, but that is where Charlotte Maria comes from.

Found the baptisms on ancestry, under London Births and Baptisms.


Val wish Id never started
21-05-13, 23:53
thanks for looking bcbrit I had found the baps sorry I should have said , I did wonder if they got married about that time but cannot find anything.

22-05-13, 00:16
Hi Val,

I must admit I wondered too if they had had a late marriage, but like you couldn't find anything.

Are the sponsors family ?

The only thing I can think of is if they married away ? Scotland or Ireland ?

My gg grandparents married in Wales, although both Somerset people, and then had children in London after twenty years of marriage . It took a while to find their marriage.


Val wish Id never started
22-05-13, 00:31
thats an idea thanks

Chrissie Smiff
22-05-13, 11:22
Not having much luck with a marriage Val but it made me smile when in 1911 George says (in two columns) that Charlotte does nothing lol.

Val wish Id never started
22-05-13, 19:18
do you know Chrissie I never noticed that ? oh dear:confused:

Val wish Id never started
22-05-13, 19:28
well think I know why people have her down as Charlotte Amelia ? there is a Charlotte Amelia Simpson and a Zephariah Simpson parents on a few christenings but its not her.

Chrissie Smiff
22-05-13, 21:47
I wonder if one of them isn't on the same marriage page because of a mistranscription Val?

I have to tell you, while I was looking for your Simpson I came across such an odd name 'Charles Boutflower Simpson' that I checked it in case it was mistranscribed. I couldn't find the birth though but I ended up practically doing the tree because it was so fascinating. I found a very detailed tree on Ancestry that had him on but they had 2 daughters and a son listed for him. I knew that the son wasn't his and belonged to another branch of the family, so I left a comment on it and lo and behold the son has been deleted, just like that :D I also found what I think was Charles baptism under the name of Charles Benjamin Simpson and left a message and I am now in discussion with the tree owner about that too. You have a lot to answer for Val :rotfl:

Val wish Id never started
22-05-13, 21:52
hope they thanked you ??:D I dont understand why the other kids weren't baptised??? or maybe mistranscriptions

Chrissie Smiff
22-05-13, 22:01
Where did you get the Pugh from Val?

No thank you, not even an acknowledgment or asking how I knew :) I don't really of course but I checked all angles and I'm sure I was right. I don't know why they had the son down as his anyway. He wasn't with them on any census, he was with his birth father, and the boy's real father (a vicar) married Charles Boutflower Simpson. Charles was a vicar too and so was his father, so I think maybe Charles was his older cousin or similar and being a vicar ran in the family.

Val wish Id never started
22-05-13, 22:42
my rellie married their Son and the banns are on Ancestry so I worked backwards and found her .

23-05-13, 01:34
Val Have been searching too without any luck. Have looked at both families for any clues. I did wonder if Charlotte could have been married previously as she had her first child at aged 30. Maybe married in her first married name but not found a suitable marriage for a Pugh to anyone else.

There is a marriage of I think Lloy'ds sib in 1879 Amelia Jane which has a Charlotte Simpson as a witness. But even that marriage is not 100% percent as father's occupation changed.

Is your Charlotte the one b 1851 Stepney who is with her aunt and uncle in 1861? I found another born in sometimes Hackney/sometimes Lambeth b to Isaac and living in Kennington.

I think one of the sponsors for the children was a church Deaconess. Seems strange that they would take their children to be baptised but not marry themselves.


Val wish Id never started
23-05-13, 15:52
thanks for looking Vera yes thats the one ,I have been going over my notes and am positive she was a Pugh? funny how the other people who have her in their tree on Ancestry dont have a surname for her .