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17-05-13, 00:11
Hi All, Trying to find evidence for my 3G grandfather, William Mills parentage/birth in about 1829. Census returns just say Worcester and Worcestershire. His Marriage certificate (to Mary Ann Cecil) confirms father as Thomas Mills, a Tiler. There is a record in IGI for a William Mills born to a Thomas and Sarah in Rock (relatively near Worcester), and in the 1841 census a Thomas and Sarah of the right age are living in Rock with Thomas’s occupation as Hellier (an old term for Tiler). Would like to confirm that William is from Rock and eliminate Worcester itself.

Any help would be great.

Elaine ..Spain
17-05-13, 08:15
Welcome to the forum Kevin.

Do the witnesses on the marriage certificate give any further clues - possibly other family members?

Elaine ..Spain
17-05-13, 08:26
Think I've answered my own question there - just found the marriage certificate on Ancestry - witnesses John Cooper and Irene (?) Cooper.
http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/1623/31281_A100862-00105/998143?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk% 2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3findiv%3d1%26rank%3d0%26f8%3dwillia m%26f10%3dmills%26sx%3d%26rg_81004011__date%3d%26r s_81004011__date%3d0%26rg_f51__date%3d1847%26rs_f5 1__date%3d0%26f99%3d%26f53%3d%26f23%3d%26f24%3d%26 f18%3d%26f19%3d%26f28%3d%26f29%3d%26gskw%3d%26prox %3d1%26db%3dlmamarriages%26ti%3d5538%26ti.si%3d0%2 6gss%3dangs-d%26pcat%3d34%26fh%3d28%26h%3d998143%26recoff%3d7% 2b8%2b26&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnRecord

17-05-13, 08:29
father's occupation is something cutter, but i don't think it's 'tile', as the first letter does not match the 't' in 'thomas'.

Uncle John
17-05-13, 08:53
father's occupation is something cutter, but i don't think it's 'tile', as the first letter does not match the 't' in 'thomas'.

Tree Cutter? I think it does match the T of Thomas.

18-05-13, 08:52
Hi Elaine, Thanks. I'm afraid the witnesses don't help. In my own mind I'm pretty certain that I've got the right parents but it would be good to find some supporting evidence in Parish Records

18-05-13, 08:53
Yes - I've got a copy of the actual marriage certificate and it's definitely Tile Cutter

Elaine ..Spain
18-05-13, 09:06
Have you checked to see if father Thomas Mills left a will?

You say you found the entry for William's baptism on the IGI. I can't see it at the moment, but did you check to see if there were siblings - maybe try following them through to see if there is a connection anywhere.

19-05-13, 20:58
Hi Elaine, I made a mistake in my original post - it was Thomas and Sarah Mole's marriage I found on IGI, not William's birth. I know his father was a Thomas Mills from his birth certificate. Both the 1851 and 1861 censuses give Worcester as his birthplace. I think that the Thomas Mills in Rock could be correct as he is listed as a Hallier (Hellier) in the 1841 census (with a wife Sarah and a son William of the right age) which is an archaic term for a tiler/slater/roofer. Rock is about 18 miles from Worcester and I know from other census returns that names like Worcester, Stafford, Derby and Leicester etc are often used instead of Staffordshire; Worcestershire; Derbyshire; Leicestershire etc. No will as far as I can see. I may have to take a trip to Worcester Records office!!