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13-05-13, 19:08
Maria van der Star was born in Waddinxveen, Netherlands in 1723. Her father, Jan , was one of 10 children, the youngest of whom was Hendrik (1) b. 1705.
Maria went to Den Haag, where in 1743 she married Johannes Mensing. Their first son, also Johannes was born in 1748. In 1768, Johannes jr. married Adriana van der Star.
Adrianas father was Hendrik van der Star (2). I have not been able (so far) to trace Hendrik(2)'s marriage, which would hopefully tell me where he was born. However, I have found that he died in 1780, at the age of 75, making him born in 1705. All of the above took place in Den Haag.

My query is, do you think there is enough information to assume that Hendrik 1 and 2 are the same person, which would mean that Johannes jr. married his mothers cousin?

15-05-13, 22:47
It looks likely, unless van der Star was a common name there at that time, and so the possibility of two boys called Hendrik being born around 1705 could not be ruled out. Waddinxveen is very close - about 10 miles - to The Hague. The dates are a bit of a stretch but certainly not impossible, eg Hendrik may have married aged around 40 and had Adrianas around the same time as Johannes jnr was born. I find that in the 18th century one often has to make assumptions that cannot be definitely proven. Provided one is aware of, and has recorded, the uncertainty, I see nothing wrong in it.

15-05-13, 23:15
Thanks Webwiz - I have been spending the past few days trawling the records for The Hague and Waddinxveen, and apart from going cross-eyed, have managed to confirm that it is the same Hendrik. He married in Waddinxveen in 1731, and Adriana was born in The Hague in 1737, so was a few years older than her husband. There seem to have been a few more marriages between the families also.

16-05-13, 07:57
I'm glad you got it sorted Linda, I'm having 'one of those days' where I read something but it is just not 'sinking in'!!

16-05-13, 09:13
Thanks Julie, these Dutch records are absolutely wonderful for information, but some of the writing is impossible to decipher. One interesting thing I have found is that there a lot of Scottish people in the Netherlands in the 1700's. A lot of them seem to be military, but the spelling can be inventive. I found what I think was MacDougal as Megdoegle!

16-05-13, 11:18
i wouldn't be surprised if they were descendants of border families, or maybe even jacobite supporters. my family claims they were in 'holland' during the 18th century, but we don't have any proof. glad you figured out your query though.